We went to Butterfly Pavilion with Papa, Sandy and Kyle today. In the spider room (it has other bugs, but the spiders stick out most in my mind) they have little raised platforms between a few of the displays so that little ones can climb up and see into the displays without having to be hoisted by their parents. You loved climbing the two steps onto these platforms and staring into the displays at the bugs contained within. You also just enjoyed playing around on the steps and platforms, and engaging with other kids that came to look. Your Papa, Sandy and Kyle each held Rosie, the tarantula. We did not opt into that adventure.

Then we headed into the butterfly area. It’s my favorite part and I was so excited to take you in. It’s so humid in there and you were immediately dripping sweat. You really do run ‘hotter’ than I do; I thought it felt pretty nice in there. After being in the room for only a few minutes a huge butterfly landed on your shoulder. At first you just stared at it, but then you were really upset by it and we couldn’t get it off. You were getting more and more frantic, and the butterfly was happy as can be on your shoulder. Finally I gently moved him off and he flew away, which earned me a scolding by a staff member since they do not want anyone to touch the butterflies. I think that sort of freaked you out and whenever we saw a butterfly you got upset, so you didn’t seem to really enjoy this room much. Hopefully your butterfly trauma won’t last long!

Chasing butterflies

Chasing butterflies

Scoping out butterflies (I love Papa's smile in the background)

Scoping out butterflies (I love Papa’s smile in the background)

Before the freak-out

Before the freak-out

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