Fun With Your Cousin

Your cousin Kyle came into town yesterday, surprising Nana and Papa by arriving with Sandy. They’re going to spend the weekend here and then run the Bolder Boulder with us on Monday. You love your cousin so much, and he is so good with you. Sweet, patient, gentle, funny, so loving. He is the best. You two had so much fun playing together. Right after he arrived he gave you a little stuffed dog (from his mom) and you immediately gave the dog a big hug. Too cute.

Big hugs for your new dog

Big hugs for your new dog

Kandt cousins

Kandt cousins

You each had so much fun pushing around the umbrella stroller at Nana and Papa’s. At first I thought you were in it, and Kyle came running by pushing the stroller erratically; my heart stopped for an instant. Then you turned the corner and ran after him, and I realized the stroller was filled with his stuffed animals. You two are such good buddies and I’m excited we’ll get to see Kyle again in a few weeks when we’re in Tahoe for the Fourth of July.
Pushing all of Kyle's stuffed animals around

Pushing all of Kyle’s stuffed animals around

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