You started shaking your head ‘no’ about a month or so ago and you do it often. I’ve read that it’s good to try to minimize our use of the word ‘no’ as well as yours, so I’ve been trying to teach you to shake your head ‘yes’. You know and use the ‘more’ sign often, and so I’m trying to link it to that, signing ‘more’ to ask if you want more of something, and then when you sign ‘more’ I shake my head in an exaggerated way and say ‘yes!’. Recently you started mimicking this motion. You are so cute, first you study us doing it, and you process what we’re doing, then in about 15 seconds, you do a heavily exaggerated head shake ‘yes’. You also involve facial movement in this, opening your eyes and mouth wide when you lift your face up, then quickly and vigorously dropping your head down while closing your eyes and your mouth. You usually just do one up-down motion, like a head nod, rather than a repeating traditional ‘yes’ headshake. But it is so cute and clear what you’re trying to convey. Luckily, I caught it on video!

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