Morning, Dogs

You have started awaking around 545 am. Your dad gets you from your crib and brings you into our bed, where we all snuggle and wake up together. Your dad and I are still half asleep, but most of the time you’re wide awake. You climb on us, lean over and give us kisses, babble and eventually climb your way up your dad so you can see the dogs. You talk at them excitedly, lately pronouncing ‘da’, your word for ‘dog’. This morning your dad and I were laying down, still waking up, and you were sitting between us. You turned your body to face the dogs, spotted them, and started smiling and waving excitedly at them. It was so cute. I looked at your dad, hoping his eyes were open and that he saw you doing this. He had a huge grin on his face and I knew he’d seen you. I smiled back, thanked him for giving me you, and told him much I love our little family.

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