Door Opening Expert

It is amazing how quickly you’ve learned to open doors and explore areas that aren’t meant for your little hands and feet and body. Unfortunately all of our doors off of the main living space have horizontal knobs, the kind that you just pull down, and then pull the door toward you and they open. You’ve learned to pull down and pull toward you and open all of these doors. For our bedrooms, there are also baby gates in the doorways, so we can simply close those to keep you out. But the one door causing us the most problems is that leading into the garage and the back bedroom. You are obsessed with heading into the garage for exploration. You love digging through the recycling bin, playing with your bike or the various soccer balls, and going through the numerous kid-inappropriate items in there. We’ll pick you up and carry you back to our living room, only to have you immediately head back out there. Finally your nana put an ottoman in front of the door, and she said you got very mad and started throwing toys and books around.

Finally I found a safety lock for this type of handle, and put it on tonight. We knew you were going to be upset when you discovered you could no longer open the door, and it was sad but a little humorous to watch you try and try to open the door, then realize in frustration that you could not and totally melt down. You’ve of course gotten over it, though you’re quick to capitalize on the moments when we forget to engage the lock. We try to lock it when you’re not watching, because we know that if you see us do it a couple times you’ll quickly learn how to unlock the safety lock. You sure do make life interesting sweet pea.

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