Father’s Day: Part 2

We celebrated Father’s Day with Papa and Nana up in Breckenridge. We opened gifts at the house then headed out for a nice brunch. You sat through virtually the entire meal, it was amazing! We brought along a toothbrush of yours, and that kept you entertained for many minutes. Then we headed down the mountains to spend the afternoon at home and set up the bike trailer.

Helping Papa open gifts

Helping Papa open gifts

You loved the card (it played music), and wanted him to open it over and over

You loved the card (it played music), and wanted him to open it over and over

We bought a bike trailer for you to ride in and it arrived a few days ago. Your dad has been so anxious to put it together and take you for a ride. Today he proclaimed that it was his Father’s Day wish to hook up the trailer and ride down to The Sun for a beer. You helped him put it together, happily climbing in and exploring while he was still building it and waving the tall red flags back and forth (with luckily no eye poking). We put your helmet on, strapped you and your dog in, loaded you up with snacks and water, and took off for the mile ride down to the bar. You were intensely focused on getting your helmet off, and you focused on that the whole way. You weren’t unhappy, but you definitely didn’t sit back and enjoy the ride. Just about the time we arrived at our destination you’d almost reached your frustration level with the helmet. You were very happy when we took it off. However, throughout our entire meal you kept walking from our outdoor table to the trailer, climbing in and out of it, and taking objects from the table to the trailer. You seem pretty happy with it, if only you’ll get that comfortable with the helmet.
First ride in the trailer

First ride in the trailer

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