Little Camper

You slept alright last night, though you were a bit restless. Like last year, we struggled with what to do with you when you slept, and settled on buying you a sleeping pad and putting you in lots of warm clothes and a sleep sack. The problem we didn’t foresee is how mobile you are at night and how much you toss and turn. You kept rolling and squirming and ending up off the pad in the areas of the tent that were just the thin layer of tent on top of bare ground, or on your dad’s or my sleeping pad. It felt like we were constantly moving you back to your sleeping pad, over and over and over. I don’t think you ever woke up through all of this, but it didn’t feel like a great night of sleep for any of us.

We played on the beach most of today. Your dad and I kayaked, and you were very upset when we took off. It’s like you didn’t know we’d be right back! Throughout the day you never wanted to get very close to the water. You were happy playing with your cousin, aunts and uncles and Nana and Papa. After lunch you and your dad took a nice nap in the warm tent, then came and joined us all down by the lake for more play time. While we were getting ready to cook dinner you really wanted to explore, and kept taking whoever’s hand was available to lead them down the paths to explore the area. You loved looking at the flowers and rocks and sticks, looking at other people in their campsites, and just walking around. You were a little outdoor adventurer today.

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