Last Day at the Lake

We woke up, packed up our camp and hiked out of the campground. You loved playing in the tent, jumping up and down on the fluffy sleeping pads and sleeping bags, and throwing yourself at the tent walls. You enjoyed flinging the door flap to the side and sticking your head out, to which we’d announce ‘ta-da!’, and you’d smile and do it over and over again. I thought you’d be more saddened or perplexed to see the tent come down, but it didn’t phase you. You just took off exploring in the other direction.

We went to Uncle Kyle’s house to check it out; we’d never seen it yet. We had fun looking around his house and then walking through his neighborhood in Tahoma, than we headed for Reno. We stopped at the Whole Foods for lunch and to pick up some food for the BBQ tonight. Your dad grabbed some strawberries and put them into the buggy, and you immediately got upset and tried to reach for them. You ate about half of the container before we even reached the checkout.

This evening Chris and Christina hosted a BBQ for our family and we had lots of fun hanging out and spending a little bit more time with everyone before we left. You loved running around their big, beautiful backyard, and you were constantly trying to keep up with Avery. We all fell sound asleep afterward and were so happy to be in beds and get a good night’s rest.

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