Food on the Go

We are still having a hard time getting you to sit and eat. We try the highchair, but sometimes we can’t even get you in it. You kick and scream and arch your back, and we literally cannot put you in the chair. We’ve tried sitting at your little table inside, which requires your dad and I to sit on the floor and you to sit on your little chair. A couple nights ago we tried this. There are two little chairs, and you kept getting up and moving from one chair to the other (with some diversions in between). So the next night I had the second chair, and you seemed unhappy with the chair that was at the table. So I brought two other chairs for you to try. One was your outside lawn chair, and you kept slouching down in it and having a great time kicking the table and putting your feet up on the table. But you were not eating. The next night we tried to sit at your outside table, which is a miniature picnic table. But inevitably, after just a couple minutes, you end up walking off and playing.

Frankly, our greatest successes come when you’re in the bathtub; you can’t move and we’re able to get a lot of food in you. But that is silly. This is becoming frustrating because we can hardly eat out together; one of us has to take you and walk around while the other quickly eats. You also are eating barely any food. Hopefully we’ll find some type of food that you’re so excited about you will sit down to eat it; I keep searching and searching for a food item you’ll love. So far you’ve really liked cheese and lately it is grapefruits, or oranges. But there are times when we can’t even bribe you into the highchair with those.

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