How will it go?

Tomorrow is your first day of ‘school’, daycare really. You’re going to be going three full days a week. This decision has been a hard one, and one that we’ve actually been thinking about for over a year, when we placed you on the waitlist. With Rachel going back to school and a spot opening up at the daycare, the timing seemed perfect. The schedule that was available was exactly what we were looking for, and that, too, seemed like a sign. I’m trying to view all of these happenings as serendipitous.

We’ve gone with you to visit the daycare three times, staying with you and while you played for about an hour. Each time you’ve done great. You’ve fit right in, showed no hesitation with the other kids or the teachers, or the new surroundings. On all occasions you just took off exploring, or joined in whatever activity they were doing. I also hope this is a sign of good things to come.

But it is a big transition. It’s your first time in a group daycare setting, your first time sleeping on a cot in a room full of other little ones, your first time sitting at a table and eating. That’s a lot of firsts. I’m trying not to process this too much; perhaps it is more of a stress on me than it is for you.

Here’s what I hope you’ll gain out of this experience: I hope that you continue to grow your independence, enjoying time away from us to explore and become your own little person. I hope you are challenged but not broken by these changes; that you learn to be social, polite, and friendly. I hope that you thrive in this new setting, surrounded by new toys and activities and people. I hope you learn to sit down and eat!

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