An Explosion of Words

You are learning new words at a rate faster than I can keep up. A friend of mine has a blog similar to this and on it posted about her son’s learning of words. It included a list of words and the approximate day he learned them. I liked the idea and planned to do the same. But I cannot keep up! You’re learning multiple new words a day. I came home from work one day and you were saying ‘neck’ and ‘elbow’, quite random words but you have them perfected. Your dad reported last night that you’re saying carrot proficiently, and you excitedly yell ‘CAT’. My favorite is when you pick up one of our phones, stick it to your ear and happily exclaim, ‘HIIIIIIIIIIIII’. We need to get a video.

I’ll try to remember them all, but you say: hi, up, down, no, more, sit, carrot, elbow, neck, cat, dog, uh oh, wow. Way more than this, but I can’t remember them all.

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