Tiniest Solar Decathlete

I had to go to Irvine, CA for two weeks for Solar Decathlon, one of my favorite work events. Knowing I couldn’t go two full weeks without seeing you, we arranged for your dad to come out with you and I for the first few days, then for Nana and Papa to come out and watch you while I worked and after your dad returned home. We went a day earlier than I needed to be there for work so we could head to San Diego and catch up with friends. We first went to the birthday party for the son of one of your dad’s best friends. Despite knowing nobody there, you did great, blended right in, and had a great time playing with all of the toys and children. After that we headed to San Diego and met up with our friend Katy. We went out to dinner than to a park, where you played and played until it got too dark to play anymore.

On Sunday your dad left and Nana and Papa watched you while I worked. Over the next few days you guys would explore during the days while I worked, then we’d meet up in the evenings for dinner and bedtime. You went to Balboa Island, San Diego Zoo, two children’s museums and the Orange County Great Park (OGCP), where Solar Decathlon is being held). At the OGCP there’s a free carousel, and you had your first carousel ride. Then your second and third and the count was lost as you went again and again. You loved it! I met up with you guys and got to go on it with you, and you were so cute. You’d hold on tight to your own animal, riding it all by yourself. The carousel played music, and when it would end between songs you’d clap and say ‘yeahhhhh’. When it started again you’d say ‘Up! Downnnnn. Up! Downnnnn.’ You were so cute.

I’m sad I didn’t get to spend more time with you exploring the area, but I’m so grateful your dad, nana and papa could come out and help out while I worked. Every day I realized how blessed I am to be able to have you here with me; what a fun trip!

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