Saved by the Entourage

Your bedtime routine has evolved (devolved?) into you sleeping with quite a few friends. At first you always needed your lovie. At Christmastime when you got your stuffed camel, he immediately became a necessity at bedtime too. Then while on vacation you got your stuffed turtle, Cayman, and he, too, must snuggle up with you at night. Also on our trip you took to sleeping with both of the lovies I’d brought (one as a back-up), and hence, your sleeping buddies now include Camel, Cayman, and two lovies. It’s really quite cute, and recently has proven to serve another purpose too.

This past week or so you’ve been waking up in the night, getting out of bed, and trying to open the door to get out of your room. Your dad wakes to the sound of you continually trying to open the doorknob, and when he opens the door he finds you on the other side, half asleep, arms filled with Camel, Cayman and two lovies. Because of your grasp on your bounty, you’re unable to get a good handle on the doorknob, and haven’t yet been able to get the door open. I much prefer this to you walking around the house at night, so for now, I’m thankful for your stuffed friends for keeping you in your room!

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