Easter Eve

We took you to an Easter egg hunt today at a nearby park. We were excited to see how you did and if you understood the concept. When we got there, eggs were all over the grass and scattered throughout the playground area. You kept picking them up and opening them; you definitely understood the concept of something fun being hidden in the eggs!We had to keep telling you that we couldn’t pick up the eggs until the hunt began. Finally, they announced that you could start. But they also announced that there was a six egg limit per child. You were so excited and really focused, you immediately ran and started filling up your basket. You seemed to be more into it than any of the other kids in your 0-2 age group. Quickly, you had way more than the six egg limit, and I was slyly grabbing eggs out of your basket and throwing them back on the ground for others to collect.

When the hunt was over we found a nice shaded spot to sit down, and you began checking out your loot. They mostly contained tiny foil-wrapped candy bars, and you immediately asked me to open them. You really haven’t had much candy, so it was fun to see you have a tiny Reese’s peanut butter cup and a Snickers (I believe your first of both). You were a fan of both. You also had an egg that had a carrot in it; this meant that you got to go pick out a prize. We headed over to where the prizes were laid out. There were stuffed animals, water toys, sand buckets, so many options. You pondered over them for awhile, then walked over to a package containing five monster trucks, and said ‘This one!’. You grabbed it and were so happy with your prize. I never in a million years would’ve guessed that you’d pick out the trucks.

This afternoon we dyed Easter eggs. You had fun helping me mix up the dye, vinegar and water and helping to put the eggs into the cups of water. You didn’t have much patience for waiting for the eggs to sit and become brighter colored; you wanted to get them out and check their status frequently. You had lots of fun, and didn’t even make too big of a mess.

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