Baby No Name

We still don’t have a name for you yet. We had both been anticipating a boy for some reason, and had settled on a boy name. We have many girl names that we’re considering, but none that we’ve definitely settled on. And we’re receiving questions from everyone inquiring about the name. Finally about halfway through today the nurse brought us a name book to assist in our search for the perfect moniker. It really was more of a hindrance than a help, as it had mostly odd and overly unique names and really just wasn’t that helpful.

But we’re honing in on a few promising names, and your dad’s even started ‘trying’ them out, asking how ‘Samantha’ is doing, is ‘Lily’ asleep, and calling you ‘Madeline’. Other names that we’re considering include: Madison, Addison, Natalia and Savannah. At one point today your Aunt Jen asked if we had a name yet, and I said we did not and asked for suggestions. That opened up a whole string of silliness as your Uncle Kyle, Aunt Jen and Aunt Joy started brainstorming name ideas via text; most of them were goofy ideas and not real suggestions.

We are actively talking about it and will have a name for you soon, I promise, little baby no name.

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