Introducing…Madeline Grace

In the early morning hours of today, we decided your name would be Madeline. Your dad has been favoring this name for months, and I’ve always liked it as well. It took me some time over these last couple of days to officially decide that the name suits you. But early this morning I realized it is perfect for you. For now I prefer Madeline over Maddie, but I think both are great. We chose a middle name of Grace.

This evening nana, papa and Emma came over and brought dinner. We ate outside at the deck adjoining our hospital wing, and there was another family out there. They had a two-year old little girl who you loved playing with, and they’d just had a little boy. He didn’t have a name yet. His little sister named him ‘Hot Dog’ early in the pregnancy, and that name was what they were currently calling him. Your Uncle Brett named you Solar early on in our pregnancy, so it was funny to have little Hot Dog and Solar out there enjoying the fresh air while their crazy sisters played. Here’s to hoping Hot Dog gets a name soon!

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