Homeward Bound

We got discharged from the hospital today and I was so ready to go home.

Ready to head home.

Ready to head home.

We grabbed some lunch to go on the way home, then we were happily greeted by nana and papa. They were so excited to see you again and to welcome you home. You were asleep so we left you in the car seat while quickly ate our lunches. Your nana left you for a bit but ultimately decided you looked ‘uncomfortable’ and got you out of the car seat and held you. She is so smitten with you (as are we all); it is fun watching her just stare at and love you.

Your sister was at school today and so we used the relative peace and quite to try and get unpacked and settled. I was excited to walk you around the house and show you everything, but you were more interested in sleeping. It was fun to finally have a baby in the house – using the crib, your nursery and rocker – all of the items we’d so carefully prepared for your arrival.

When Emma got home from school she was so excited to see you, kiss you, and talk to you. Tonight we all read stories together before bed. 

Bedtime stories with both of my girls.

Bedtime stories with both of my girls.

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