One-Week Old

You are one-week old today! Though far from settling into a real routine, we have started to adopt some patterns, especially around nursing and sleeping, and I think we’re all starting to adapt into life as a family as four. I’ve been trying to rest and relax this week, but am also feeling really restless and anxious to get back to my normal activity level. Having your dad and Emma home further emphasizes this, as I just want to get out and do fun things with you all.

This morning your dad decided to take Emma to the park, and you and I joined them on the adventure. Emma has been really into riding the bus lately, so we took the bus down the road to the park. We ran into some friends there and it was nice to be out and catching up with people. You had your first bus ride and first park visit, and you slept through both. You woke up at home in virtually the same spot as you’d been when we left for the park, so I doubt you even realized the adventure that you’d been on.

First time on the bus, not too impressed.

First time on the bus, not too impressed.

This afternoon we went to the breastfeeding support group at the hospital. I went to this frequently with your sister, and just wanted to go to verify that we’re on the right track. So far nursing has been going really smoothly, and you are a more interested and engaged eater than your sister. I’m hopeful that you’ll put on weight steadily and that I won’t be so concerned about your eating and weight gain as I was with her. Today you weighed 6 lbs 15 oz – already 2 oz more than yesterday – before I fed you and 17 lb 2 oz after I fed you; you ate an amazing 3 oz of milk from one feeding.

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