Anniversary Outing

Today we had our first full-fledged family outing; it was the first time all four of us have been in the car together. We drove about 20 minutes away to Butterfly Pavilion. You did great in the car, dozing off after just a few minutes, and your sister seemed happy to have you back there with her. You slept through our visit to Butterfly Pavilion, waking up to eat and then going back to sleep. Next we met nana and papa for lunch, where they were happy to get to hold you during the meal as you slept happily in their arms.

Afterward we went to the ice skating rink next door, where a competition was underway. It was your sister’s first time watching ice skating, and she seemed enthralled both with the skaters and with the audience. She had fun watching the audience, and then clapping when they clapped.

Today is your dad’s and my 11th wedding anniversary. Your dad made us a nice dinner and we all sat outside and ate. We had fun celebrating with you and your sister, just having a nice relaxing dinner and enjoying our new, larger family of four.

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