Half Birthday

So happy to be half a year old!

So happy to be half a year old!

Madeline, you celebrated your six month birthday today without too much fanfare, though you did get to attend your first rodeo. You seemed mostly perplexed watching all the animals, but you were in a wonderful, happy mood. I am just in awe that you are six months as I feel like I’ve been really trying to consciously mark the passage of time, to enjoy and savor these fleeting moments while you are so tiny, and I’ve been home with you even longer than I was with your sister. For this reason I keep catching myself surprised when I register that you are six months; I really just can’t fathom it. But you indeed are getting bigger and older! You just finally outgrew the 0-3 month clothing and transitioned into 3-6 month, and your little sunhat no longer fits you. You’re adept at rolling front to back and back to front, though some days you don’t roll at all, while others you roll your way several feet. You’re starting to sit up unassisted for several seconds at a time, and have just recently started enjoying spending time in your Boppy chair (this is great for you to sit in and join us at mealtime!) and in the Exercauser.

Just starting to sit!

Just starting to sit!

We also took you for your first walk in a standard stroller (one where you sit upright on your own rather than lying in your carseat). You are a happy, engaged baby. You are very strong, often latching onto my hair or earrings and I have a hard time breaking your grasp. You’re also becoming very vocal, you love to chat with us and have just recently added ‘da-’ sounds to your repertoire. You’re such a wonderful addition to our family; we’ve loved having you with us these past six months!

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