Three Years Old!

You are three today, happy birthday Sweet Pea. I’ve taken to calling you that term of endearment, or honey, and you often respond strongly with, “I’m not honey! I’m Emma Sophia!”

Big ol' three year old smile!

Big ol’ three year old smile!

You are intelligent and well-spoken, your teachers say you have a vocabulary far exceeding your peers. You are starting to recognize letters; you know about half of them. You’ve been able to spell your name for months, then you learned papa, nana, dada and mama. You love spelling out words on the computer. Your favorite activity right now is putting together a large alphabet puzzle. You got it for Christmas and even then nearly had it perfected. Over the last few weeks you’ve been needing less and less assistance, and last night you completed it for the first time on your own.

You’re a strong and active little girl. You’ve been taking gymnastics for many months and are one of the strongest, most coordinated in the class. Your teachers marvel at you, at how you are so tiny and petite, how you eat relatively little compared to your peers, yet they say that you are stronger than the others . They like to tell the story about how, during outside time, you will drive the tricycle that is attached to a wagon, and you often pull two or three kids behind you. They are amazed!

You are passionate about life. You have strong opinions and you’re fiercely independent. The statement ‘I can do it by myself!’ was the most uttered one of the past year .You fight and feel and cry hard, but you’re also quick to hug and love and forget. You’re very caring with your friends when they are sad or hurt, and you also try to comfort us if we’re upset, wrapping your arms around us in a big hug, and patting your little hands on our shoulders.

You are a little person now, as silly as that may sound. You have stories to tell, and feelings to express, and opinions you make very well known. You pick out your own clothes, and tell us how pretty you look. And you do. You are beautiful. You have such dark, soulful eyes with the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. Your brown hair has become quite long; it’s straight and getting thick. You are tall and still very slender. I continue to have a hard time finding pants the appropriate length yet small enough on your waist. You spent a lot of time pulling up your pants.

You are a big sister, a role you’re really starting to grow into. You bring the baby toys when she is fussy or grabbing at something she shouldn’t have. If she drops a toy, as she does frequently, you pick it up for her again and again. When she is upset you have learned to sing to help calm her, usually choosing the ABC song. You’re getting more and more interested in holding her and trying to make her laugh. As she is getting bigger and more engaged, you are really enjoying playing with her.

You love helping us and having a role in our day-to-day activities. You help to change Madeline’s diapers, feed Moguly, cook food and even do the laundry. I do believe your favorite chore is picking up the dog poop! You love to get your little shovel and help spot the poop and pick it up. I love that this is your favorite chore, as it is one I do not enjoy.

We celebrated your birthday with a party at your school. I asked you dozens of times what food you wanted us to bring for your party and every single time you said “chocolate milk”. So, we had chocolate milk! We also had ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, strawberries, and sprinkles. You LOVE sprinkles. We have a few containers of sprinkles at home and you like to get them out of the cupboard and study them and shake them. You ask to eat them and we always tell you that you cannot. So I knew you’d be excited to have them for your party.

Sprinkles! Yes!!! Finally!

Sprinkles! Yes!!! Finally!

So happy to be three

So happy to be three

You sat down and ate with all of your friends, and you wore a birthday crown. Then you handed out a balloon to everyone and had a dance party with your friends.

Dance time at school

Dance time at school

After the party we went out to dinner with Nana and Papa at Pasta Jay’s. After dinner the waitress brought you and Nana each a bowl of birthday cake-flavored ice cream. And thus you had your second desert.

The birthday girls at Pasta Jay's!

The birthday girls at Pasta Jay’s!

The whole family

The whole family

Then we headed home and opened presents. After presents we had cake, your third dessert of the day.

Cake time

Cake time

So fun to share your special day with Nana!

So fun to share your special day with Nana!

I wondered if you’d ever sleep, but you feel right asleep. Happy birthday Sweet Pea!!


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