Five Weeks and Strollin’ Around the ‘hood

Today we finally busted out your stroller and went for a really long walk around the neighborhood. We were happy to discover that the sidewalks are great for strollers, with ramps and sidewalks for the entire hour-long walk. That makes it really easy! You looked around for some of the walk and slept for the rest, but all in all seemed pretty content to be exploring your neighborhood.

In my never-ending mission to find something big enough to take your weekly or monthly picture next to, your papa suggested one of the dogs. Moguly is the most patient, laid back dog, and after a nice, long walk he is even more relaxed. So after the walk we decided to try and take some pictures of you and him. He did great; he even let you lean on him and didn’t move.

Nowhere near as big as Moguly

Falling over while posing with Moguly

This afternoon your dad and I had tickets to the Rapids’ opening soccer game. We pondered taking you, but when I couldn’t find any baby hearing protection headphones in sizes smaller than 6 months, I decided it probably wasn’t appropriate to be taking a 5 week old. And when we were there I was very thankful I made that decision! From the crowd cheering and yelling to the canons they fire after ever Rapids’ goal, it just would’ve been way too much for you. We’ll maybe take you later this summer, or we might even wait for next season.

Nana and papa watched you while we were at the game. When we came back to their house after the game your nana asked if I ever knew I could love somebody so much, and if we wondered why we hadn’t had a baby sooner. We do love you so much – beyond any amount we could comprehend before we had you – and I think we’re both amazed at how strong that love is for having known you for such a short time. But the timing question is tricky. Your dad and I are having so much fun with you, and I think we’re coping really well with the difficulties of being new parents. I think this can be attributed to all the life experiences we’ve had to date. In waiting until now to have you we were able to establish our careers, travel the world, spend our time and money with virtually no limitations, and perhaps most importantly, we were able to build a really strong relationship with each other. Your dad and I are best friends and great companions, and we entered into this new phase with you knowing it’d be difficult, and knowing we’d have to support each other fully and to the best of our abilities. We also are lucky to have learned and observed as our friends and siblings entered into parenthood; I think this afforded us a really realistic perspective of what it’s like to have a little one.

So, are we amazed every single day by how much love we have for you? Yes! And do we regret not starting our family sooner? No, because you came to us at just the right moment in our lives, a time when we could appreciate you for both your crankiness and happiness, a time when your dad and I can support you (and each other) the best, and a time when we have the resources to provide you with the very best life possible.

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