The Littlest Soccer Fan

Today was the start of our outdoor soccer season. Unfortunately I haven’t been given the go-ahead to play soccer yet, so you and I were on the sidelines cheering your dad and the team on. I had you in the wrap and you slept the entire game. I imagine you’ll spend many hours on the sideline of our games, and we’re both hopeful that you’ll learn to love soccer. If not, that’s ok. But if you do then we’re excited to teach you about the game and to watch you learn to play.

Emma and her first soccer ball

Soccer’s been a big part of our lives; that’s how your dad and I met in high school. We’re lucky that we’re still able to play and we enjoy playing and exercising together. We also really like the social aspect of playing with our friends every week. Whether you play or not you’ll likely accompany us to lots of games, as we enjoy watching the Rapids’ play and also hope to continue going to the World Cup. We’re planning to take you with us to Brazil in 2014!

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