Back to our Routine

Before you were born, your dad and I would wake up every day and take your furry brothers for a walk first thing in the morning. We’ve done this for years, and we’ve hardly ever skipped out on the walk. We’ve even walked in negative and single digit temperatures, although when it gets that cold Moguly doesn’t seem to enjoy it, and neither do we; Guinness seems to be the only one loving it when it’s that frigid. But this winter, as I got bigger and the cold weather set upon us, I opted out of some walks when it was really cold or really icy out.

But since you’ve been born, dad’s been going on the walks with the dogs but without us. Usually I’m either busy feeding you, or we’ve just gotten back to sleep, or I’m just too tired to even fathom a walk. But today we had just finished feeding you and you were awake and content, and I didn’t feel too exhausted, so we decided to join them. I put you in the wrap, and your dad walked the dogs, and off we went. It felt really nice to be doing our usual morning routine as a family. Hopefully when we get you on more of a schedule, and once the weather warms up, we can walk together every morning.

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