One Last Beach Day

Today we spent another nice day on the beach. Your uncle Kyle and Joy drove up to join us, and we all had a relaxing day playing on the kayaks and resting with you on the beach.

You and your dad having deep conversations at the beach

Your dad cooked a nice dinner for everyone, and we all enjoyed hanging out on the deck. Your uncle Kyle had lots of fun playing with you, and you had lots of fun trying to get your head into his wine glass.

Lots of fun with your uncle Kyle

Trying to get your head in the glass (or the wine in your mouth?)


But shortly thereafter you got really fussy (maybe you were still upset about not being able to conquer the wine glass?). Yesterday and today your nose has been a bit congested and you’ve had a little bit of a cough and some sneezes. We’re not sure if it’s allergies or if you’re getting a cold, but you’ve never had these symptoms before. We hope you’re not getting sick. We walked you around the neighborhood for a bit and that did the trick and you fell asleep. I hope you feel better tomorrow!

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