Back to Reno

This morning your grandpa and grandma were busy getting ready for the Marla Bay BBQ, but your grandma wanted to introduce you to some of her friends while everyone was outdoors getting ready for the event. So she took you for about an hour which enabled your dad and I to get packed up and ready for the day. Then we headed to Reno where we ran some errands to get items for your baptism party tomorrow and then went and hung out with uncle Brett and cousin Kyle. We played outside for a bit but it quickly got too hot and we all retreated inside. Soon your aunt Jen and nana got home too and we all chatted. You got tired and we put you down on the bed. After awhile your dad and I needed to leave to meet Chris and Christina for dinner, and Jen offered to keep an eye on you since you were still sleeping. We were excited for a night out, and for you to be sleeping so well, and Jen was more than happy to get to watch you. At dinner we kept checking our phones thinking that Jen would be calling to tell us you were awake, but you slept through the entire dinner – sleepy baby.

Examining cousin Kyle’s new golf clubs

Fun times with nana and Kyle

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