Snuggle Time

Your dad and I are still trying to figure out why some nights you’ll sleep for many uninterrupted hours – sometimes up to eight hours, while other nights you wake every couple of hours. We’ve really been working to give you a stable, consistent routine at night to help you learn when bedtime is coming and help you become relaxed and sleepy. And we’ve been putting you to sleep in the same bed, in the same type of clothes, at roughly the same time, for a couple of months.

However, recently more often than not you are waking multiple times a night. I do not believe you are hungry all of these times because usually right when we pick you up you’ll fall back asleep. If you do not, then I change you and feed you, and you almost always go back to sleep really well after that. However, you’ve frequently been waking and fussing until we bring you to bed with us. At first I was petrified of sleeping with you – co-sleeping as it’s called – as I was worried we’d smother you or you’d get tangled in the blankets. We’ve started bringing you into our bed over this last month, and now that you’re bigger and much more mobile, I am not as worried. However, I still do not sleep well, constantly aware of your movements and sounds. But you, on the other hand, seem to sleep great between us. We’re not sure why that is and we’re always trying to figure it out. Is our bed more comfortable, are you too cold in your bed and our body heat warms you up, do you like hearing us breathe and our heartbeats? Maybe you just need some snuggles at this point in your life. I’m mostly ok with it, although soon we’d planned to start having you sleep at night in your room. I’m worried that bringing you to bed with us is going to make this transition even harder. But for now, especially as I have to be gone again this week for a few work trips, I’m just soaking up the snuggles with my little girl, and we’ll worry about getting you out of our bed later.

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