A Tooth!

I was talking with your dad last night and he mentioned that you’ve been a little fussy. He said that you’d been rubbing your mouth a bit, and he wondered if you were getting a tooth. That triggered a memory for me; you were rubbing your mouth on Saturday too. At the time I didn’t connect it with anything, but looking back, I bet that’s what it was. Because when I got home from my trip today, you and I were hanging out together outside enjoying the cooler weather and I decided to poke around in your mouth. And you had a tooth! Not even just a little bump of a tooth about to break through, but a fully exposed tooth! I couldn’t believe it. It’s on the bottom and it’s the middle, left tooth. For how far along that tooth was, I actually think you did great handling the teething. Though it does explain some of your fussiness these past few days, and perhaps your waking during the nights. How weird it must feel to you to have no teeth, only soft gums, then all of a sudden have a sharp, hard tooth appear in your mouth. I can’t imagine.

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