Surprising Things

Awhile ago the three of us were lazing around in the backyard on a blanket. We were watching you play and were so content just hanging out as a family. I asked your dad to tell me what things most surprised him about having you. The first point he stated was that he was surprised with how enamored he is with you. And this is true. He is absolutely, positively, 100%, head-over-heels in love with you (as am I). He would, and does, do anything for you. He is the best dad.

The second point he made, and he preempted it by saying that he knows it is cliché, but is how fast you change. We both had heard many times about how quickly babies change and grow, and in fact that’s partly why I’m writing this blog. But to witness and experience it firsthand is absolutely amazing. Someday you’ll start doing a new movement or sound, and sometimes even just one day later you have already moved on to something new. Other actions will take you days or weeks to master, and we can literally watch you progress every day, like when you were learning to roll from your back to your front.

Often when you first encounter something new you furrow your brow and study it intently; you are visibly taking in and processing the new information. When you were littler and we’d make a new or surprising sound you’d open your eyes wide open, as if in shock. As you’ve been exposed to more and more things, the world around you apparently seems less shocking and your dad and I struggle to get a wide-eyed response from you anymore.

But to look back at how much you can do now compared to when you were born is shocking. I wonder if the amount you’ve grown and learned in these six months is more than any other six month period in your life?

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