A New Trick

Today your nanny found you standing in the crib! We’ve never before seen you pull yourself up to a standing position, and neither had she, so she was quite surprised to find you like this. Needless to say, we spent the evening lowering your crib to its lowest level. But it’s obvious that this is the latest move you’re working to conquer. You spent almost all of bath time moving from a reclined position, to seated, then leaning forward and grabbing the end of the tub and trying to lift your little body to a standing position. You’d breathe heavily from the intense work of trying to stand, and we’d have our hands on your ready to catch you should you fall. You never did get yourself to fully standing, but I can only imagine how much harder it’d be in a slippery, odd shaped tub. Also tonight, you kept trying to stand up by pulling yourself up on the edge of the piano. It kept slipping away from you on the carpet, and so I eventually moved you over to the couch and tried to show you how to pull yourself up on the end of the couch. Perhaps I shouldn’t be showing you these things, but I figured it’d be better to have you pull yourself up using something that is soft and stable, than something that moves and slides. But I still can’t believe you’re already working on standing.

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