Almost 50 Years!

Your papa got back in town today – he’s been in Tahoe helping Uncle Kyle on his new house – and he and nana came over tonight. They kept an eye on you while your dad and I were at soccer, and they loved seeing you move across the floor. Your papa said he thought you were strongly favoring your right arm to pull you along, and proclaimed that you are right-handed. We’ll see!

But the most exciting part of today was after you went to bed. We Skyped with Brett, Jen and Kyle and together presented nana and papa with their anniversary present. Their 49th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and so we celebrated a little early. We presented them with a few travel books, some papers to renew their passports, and a message that we’re all going to take them on a big family adventure to Europe next fall for their 50th anniversary. I am so excited for this trip, and think it is such a unique and perfect way to honor their amazing commitment to each other and our family. I can’t wait for all the fun we’ll have!

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