Skinny Little Crawler

Today you really got more efficient at your little belly crawl, and you’re able to quickly cover a good amount of distance. I tried on a couple of occasions to take a video of you in motion, but I seemed to always start recording after you were a tired out. I’ve found that right after you awake from a nap and eat you are at your most active. I place you on your belly, you look all around you and hone in on something, and off you go. You pull yourself closer and closer, pausing to catch your breath, until you reach the object. Then you grab on, and roll to your back to examine it. This must be a tremendous workout for you, and you’ve been both eating and sleeping great since you’ve become so much more mobile. Your dad and I are having so much fun watching you, but also realizing we need to baby proof and be really vigilant whenever you are on the ground.

Outfit from Liz and Katie

Multi-tasking: crawling and ribbon-playing

This afternoon we headed up to Winter Park for the weekend. Usually we use cloth diapers, but we opted for disposables this weekend for convenience while we’re out of town. At dinner tonight I picked you up and was helping you stand in my lap for a bit, when I looked down and realized your pants had fallen off! They are sized for 3 to 6 month, and usually they fit you, but I guess without the added bulk of the cloth diapers they just slide right off your tiny frame. Your dad and I kept putting them on you, trying to roll them over to get them to stay, but after they fell off the third or fourth time, we finally gave up and you finished dinner without any pants on.

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