Exploring Grand Lake

We’re up in Winter Park for the weekend, and today decided to explore the area. We drove to Grand Lake and had a good time hanging out by the lake and wandering around town. The dogs had lots of fun playing in the lake and fetching sticks, and you were happy just watching all the craziness around you. We also went on a little hike, and saw our first moose!

Can you see the moose?

We’re staying in a hotel in Winter Park, and so it’s one of the first times we’ve all stayed in the same room again since you transitioned to sleeping in your room about a month ago. You are on a great pattern of going to bed between 7 and 8 at night. With us all in one room this means that when we put you down we also settle and relax for the night, turning the lights off and trying to be quiet so as not to disturb you. Although limiting on our ability to do much, it’s a special time with our whole family in one room again together. And it forces us to slow down, read and relax, and get to sleep early, something that we never seem to do enough.

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