Rocky Mountain National Park

On our drive home today we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park, stopping at the high point to feed you, take in the scenery, and snap a few photos of us on top of the world. You smiled and giggled when I held you up to look at the amazing views, and you and your brothers attracted plenty of attention from all of the tourists. We bought a year pass to the park, so we’ll go back either later this fall or next summer to hike with you.

On top of the world (about 12,000 feet)

The whole family in Rocky Mountain National Park

This evening we watched the Broncos’ first game. Although we didn’t let you watch it, we had you all decked out in your Broncos’ shirt. Throughout the game your dad would shout or yell reactions to whatever was transpiring on TV, and you’d look up at him curiously wondering what was going on. Ever since we found out we were pregnant, he’s been working on not being so vocal or emotional when watching games on TV so that he wouldn’t frighten you. He’s gotten a lot better! Someday, when you’re bigger and a true Broncos’ fan, you’ll understand what all of the yelling’s about.

Go Broncos!

Crawling around

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