A Little Elephant

Nana and papa spent the night last night and were anxious to hang out with you today. Papa’s going to Nevada on Monday for a couple weeks to help Uncle Kyle on his house, so he wanted to get in lots of time with you before he left. He always says that we can bring you in to their room first thing in the morning when you wake up, but I felt bad doing that at 5 am when you first woke up, and then again at 7 am. So we brought you into bed with us at 7 and snuggled and played for a bit, then we all got up and came out the kitchen, and there was papa, waiting for you. He asked why we didn’t bring you out sooner!

We all played for a while, or watched you play, to be more exact. You’re still spending most of your time using things to support you as you scramble up to a standing position. You like to use your piano and your Exercauser for this, which is unfortunate because that is definitely not a very stable object for you to be pulling yourself up on.

After a bit of time your dad and papa decided to get some yardwork done, and you joined nana and me on a shopping adventure. At the store we picked out an elephant Halloween costume for you. There were many cute costumes and it was hard to choose, but since we have an elephant theme going on in the room, and since you’d be able to wear the pink and white striped tights and pink shirt again, I figured the elephant would be the best. When we got home I put it on you, and you were adorable. For a few minutes you just sat there and kept pulling on the ears. One time you pulled so hard you knocked yourself over! You didn’t seem to pay any notice to the trunk. I was sure that was the part that would grab your attention, but you didn’t try to grab it once. After a bit the novelty of your new outfit wore off and you just resumed playing and crawling around. When you crawl the ears droop forward and the trunk hangs to the ground, and the little tail on the back pops up, and you look like the cutest little elephant around.

Cutest little elephant around

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