Last Soccer Game

Today we had our last soccer game of the season. I was talking to the wife of one of the player’s and she commented what a ‘good’ baby you are. I do not think babies are good or bad, though perhaps some are easier than others. Your dad and I don’t have much to compare you to, but we certainly think you seem to be on the easier end of the spectrum compared to others. Regardless, the lady and I were reminiscing to a game this spring when she had so much fun keeping an eye on you while your dad and I played. At that time you were not really mobile and she enjoyed holding you in her arms. At today’s game I sat you on my lap in the grass and we watched the game together. You were clapping and smiling, and even watching the game. When your dad and I were both in the game, some other players would watch you and you’d impress them with your ability to pick up the tiny blades of grass and study them endlessly, or with how good you could stand when supported, and how content you were to just sit and observe everything going on around you.

Dressed for soccer

You’ve become a main fixture on the sideline. Everyone gets so excited to see you each week, and there’s never a shortage of people wanting to hold you and play with you. Today as I was dashing out of the house I decided to grab the pink Adidas jacket that is part of a tracksuit you were given by Aunt Nancy and Cousin Ali. You’d never worn it before; it’s a size 12 month and I figured it’d be way too big. But you’ve been growing so much that I thought it might work, and it fit you pretty well! It’s amazing to think that next season, in the spring, you’ll be fitting into that outfit or almost outgrowing it, and you’ll be walking or even running up and down the sidelines.

So excited to go to the game

After the game we had a BBQ at our house. You enjoyed playing and swinging with everyone. Kate especially had fun with you when you’d show her your trick of sticking your tongue out and blowing. She’d do it back at you, and you two kept going back and forth, tongues sticking out and sputtering spit. It was hilarious.

Amazing everyone with your leaf-picking-up

Fun on the swing with Kate

Hanging with dad at the BBQ

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