More, More, MORE!!!

A few weeks ago you started using the ‘more’ sign, and it is by far your favorite gesture, even surpassing your previous favorite move, the ‘point and grunt’. You clearly understand that by doing the ‘more’ sign you get what you want, and you’ve started doing this sign for everything. Last Friday we were at an outside bar and there were birds on the ground eating up crumbs. They flew away and you looked at us and signed. Your message was so clear – more birds! You’re doing the more sign so often that we sometimes can’t figure out what it is you want. I think a better description for the sign would be ‘I want’, rather than ‘more’.

We’re also having some confusion with the ‘thank you’ sign. After you picked up and so wholeheartedly started using the ‘more’ sign, I decided to work to teach you the ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ signs next. Your dad’s also been teaching you to blow kisses. Well, the thank you sign is virtually identical to blowing kisses, so I think you are so confused. You’re clearly trying to communicate with all of these gestures, but we oftentimes find ourselves trying to interpret what it is you’re saying.

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