Early Riser

Before you were born we had a fairly solidified morning routine, which included a ritual walk with the dogs and then a mad scramble to get ready and out the door in time to catch the bus; we were never early risers. Since we’ve had you we’ve been much more flexible, allowing our schedule to be 100% driven by you. Some mornings you wake up in the 5 o’clock hour, and sometimes you’ll let us sleep well into the 7 o’clock hour. Most mornings lately you wake up around 6. If the weather’s nice and you wake up early enough, we all go for a walk. It was way too cold today for a walk with you, so your dad took the dogs and you and I stayed here. You played and I baked muffins. Your dad got home and we each got ready for work then we all enjoyed the fresh muffins. We commented on how much we got done before our workday even began. I replied that it’s easy to get a lot done when we get up so early!

Out of Sorts

You’ve been a little out of sorts today. You’re definitely teething so we’re not sure if you’re uncomfortable from that or if something else is going on, but you weren’t your usual self. As we usually do when you’re a little fussy, we took you for a walk. You were happy the whole time! But we do see two teeth coming in. They’re your top two middle teeth and I can see the edges of each one just beginning to poke through (and I can feel their edges when you nurse, I’m hoping that doesn’t last). Soon you’ll have four teeth!

Papa’s Home

We met your nana and papa in Louisville for dinner tonight. You haven’t seen your papa since Christmas. He’s been in Nevada for his hip surgery and recovery, and just got back a couple days ago. He was very anxious to see you. Right away when we got to the restaurant he reached out to me and wanted to hold you. You went happily into his arms and immediately put your head down on his shoulder, welcoming him home with snuggles and sweetness. You rarely do this gesture; it was very endearing and I’m sure melted his heart.

Gym Jam

Every Friday there’s a ‘Gym Jam’ for little ones at the Rec Center. Your dad walked you down there and took you today; it was the first time you’d gone. He said you really liked it, and he plans to take you every week. He said you really liked a little toy buggy walker and you walked all over the gym with it. Hopefully I’ll be able to accompany you two one of these days so I can see you play with all of the toys and kids.

New Restaurant in SoBo

There’s a new restaurant near our house that we’ve been anxious to try. I met you and your dad there for dinner after work. You enjoyed kale chips and bits of our dinners, but quickly got antsy and grew tired of sitting in the highchair. Luckily we were in a new place, and so you were happy in our arms as we walked around the restaurant, looking at the artwork on the walls and all the people coming and going.


Today your nana took you to story time at the library. I guess you really enjoy it, and usually just sit happily on her lap. Today you were very chatty, ‘talking’ to everyone around you. It seems whatever book they were reading today really piqued your interest, and you had a lot to say.

Open Close Open Close….

You love to open and close doors. It’s a sort of modified version of peek-a-boo, and it can keep you occupied for many minutes, or until you close the door fully. Then you need to be rescued, with someone gently opening the door and enabling you to get your little fingers in the crack to begin the game again. Open close, open close, open close.

Chilly Swing Time

It’s been frigid these past few days, with the high today barely in double digits. It’s hard to spend an entire day inside without feeling a little antsy and stir crazy, and we all like to get outside when possible. Nancy bundled you up and took you outside a bit today to swing. You enjoyed it, but you partook in a common game whereby you reach over and work to catch your feet and remove your shoes and socks. Sometimes this isn’t much of an issue, but with the weather so cold, this put an immediate end to the swinging. If only you’d keep your shoes on!

Gift of Snuggles

Today was your dad’s birthday. He watched you for a couple hours so that I could go ski. When I left you you’d just gone down for a nap, and I said a quick prayer that you’d sleep well for your dad and wake up in a happy mood. Apparently you only slept for about 20 minutes and woke up visibly tired and very cranky. Your dad held you for a bit and you fell asleep in his arms. He lay down on the couch and you slept on his chest for over an hour. He said it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon of his birthday.

Dancing Queen

There was live music in the lobby of the hotel this evening. We grabbed a couch and sat you down. You enjoyed walking in circles around the big coffee table, trying to get to our drinks which were in the very middle. You also showed off your dance moves! You really loved the music and kept bopping to the beat. You bend your knees a bit then straighten them, bend and straighten, bouncing up and down. I so wish I had it on video.