10:31 am

Every single Saturday, and often Fridays and Thursdays too, I think back to what we were experiencing at that time on the days leading up to and on your birthday a few weeks ago. I wake up and think of what stage of labor I was in, and throughout the day I remember all of the amazing occurrences of that day. On most Saturdays at 10:31 am I think of how you had just been born and your dad and I were finally getting to meet you. I cannot imagine a time when Saturdays, and especially 10:31 am on Saturdays, do not trigger a flood of memories for me. I will forever cherish 10:31 am on February 4, but I also have a special place in my heart for all Saturdays, because it was a Saturday, only eight weeks ago, that my life changed forever. Love you!

Lunching Ladies

We went out to lunch with Liz today at the mall and did some quick shopping afterwards. Liz hadn’t seen you in a few weeks so was very excited to see you and commented on how much you’ve grown. She has two girls and brought you a bag of some of her favorite clothes of theirs – you even got given three very cute bathing suits!

This evening we went out for mojitos; I haven’t had a mojito in a long time! Despite going out around 4 pm in an attempt to avoid the chaos and crowds, the bar was very crowded. Numerous people loved looking at you and chatting with us about you, and everyone commented on how cute you were. One lady was enthralled with you and just wanted to keep talking to your dad and I about you. Your dad and I were joking that we were happy when she left because we were getting a little worried she was going to try to steal you!

Some lovin' before heading out for mojitos.

Purring Like a Cat

You’re starting to become more and more vocal, experimenting with the sounds that you can make. We try to engage you in these ‘conversations’ and encourage you to keep exploring these noises. Today you started ‘purring’. Your dad was holding you and you had just eaten and were very content, and you started making a purr-like sound. It is so cute!

Social Butterfly

Today Deanna and John came up to visit. They’re on Spring Break and they spent most of the day up here. We met them for lunch at Turley’s and again for some drinks and dinner at the Sun. It’s so fun taking you out; you do great and it’s really nice to get out of the house and hang out with friends once in awhile.

When we got home from lunch you were awake, content and very alert. I decided to take advantage of your mood and dress you up for picture time. Unfortunately I got you all ready, took about three pictures, and the camera battery died. But I was able to take a bunch of pictures on my phone and they turned out pretty good.

Posing for the photo shoot

Seven Hours…Again!

You slept seven hours again last night! It is amazing. We’re wondering if this is becoming your routine, and we’re wondering why suddenly you’re sleeping so much longer. Is your belly bigger, or are you warmer, or colder, or somehow more comfortable at night? I don’t know what it is, but I’m hoping we can keep the trend going.

Today we met up with Jane and Isabelle for a walk around Chautauqua. It was great to get out and catch up with them, enjoy the warmer weather and explore a different neighborhood.

Chautauqua and the Flatirons behind us

Seven Hours!

You slept seven hours straight last night! Seven hours and 15 minutes to be exact. Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night I groggily roll over, look at the clock, and mentally do the math in my head to see how long you’ve slept (and hence, how long I’ve slept). I was amazed when I did the math this morning, and thought I might have the time wrong when you fell asleep. But I also use an app on my phone to time your sleep periods, and it confirmed the epic sleep marathon.

This is by far the longest stretch you’ve slept, and it virtually doubles the amounts you’ve been consistently sleeping (~ 3 hours). I’m not sure if it was being outside in the warm weather and all the activity of driving down from the mountains and the people at the game, but hopefully this will become a trend!

Today we went out to lunch with my friend, Katy, to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of you and her, but I snapped this one of you while we were waiting for her to arrive. You were so cute and alert, looking all around the restaurant.

Bright-eyed and alert for the birthday lunch

A Nice Wife

Today we drove down from Breck and played soccer. Both your dad and I played, and you were watched by the wife of one of the players. She was so sweet to look after you and play with you, and she even changed your diaper! I told her that she can watch you any time. There was another baby on the sidelines, Layla, and she started crying really loudly at one point. I was on the field and was so worried that it was you that I lost all focus on the game, but luckily you were sleeping contentedly in your stroller.