An Explosion of Words

You are learning new words at a rate faster than I can keep up. A friend of mine has a blog similar to this and on it posted about her son’s learning of words. It included a list of words and the approximate day he learned them. I liked the idea and planned to do the same. But I cannot keep up! You’re learning multiple new words a day. I came home from work one day and you were saying ‘neck’ and ‘elbow’, quite random words but you have them perfected. Your dad reported last night that you’re saying carrot proficiently, and you excitedly yell ‘CAT’. My favorite is when you pick up one of our phones, stick it to your ear and happily exclaim, ‘HIIIIIIIIIIIII’. We need to get a video.

I’ll try to remember them all, but you say: hi, up, down, no, more, sit, carrot, elbow, neck, cat, dog, uh oh, wow. Way more than this, but I can’t remember them all.

Beware, she bites

So, you have started biting kids at school. At first it was a rare occurrence, a couple of incidents in the first couple of weeks. The last week it has become a daily occurrence, a cringe-worthy news item we receive when we pick you up. It’s been mostly the same kid, a little boy named Jonathan, who you keep taking issue with. The teachers indicate it is either a space issue or he is trying to take a toy from you, you get upset, and bite. It’s complicated by the fact that you’re not yet talking, and unable to simply tell him ‘no’ or to stop. This is really becoming a problem. We’d hoped that once you settled in and got to know the kids and the routines, you’d stop, but it’s becoming worse. Twice you’ve broken the skin (on two different kids)!

This week the teachers brought in another teacher to observe and help them strategize about what to do. They gave you a teething ring and are encouraging you to bite that when you’re upset. They’re also obviously keeping a very close eye on you so they can stop incidents before they happen. But with up to eight kids in the room, there’s only so much oversight they can provide. They did indicate yesterday that at one point you were frustrated and walked over and grabbed your teething ring and bit it. Success! I’m hopeful this is a breakthrough for you.

We Have Words!!!

Well, we finally had an evaluation with the free, state-funded early intervention program to assess your speech delay. They determined that you have a very minimal delay, they were virtually unconcerned, and you certainly didn’t qualify for assistance through their program. The therapists there did state that your attending daycare will likely be very beneficial for you and we should see your language development pick up with your emersion in school.

And it’s true! First, we have clear dada and mama, nana and papa. Over the last week you’ve added Emma (a little like ama) to your repertoire. You also have ‘uh-oh’, introduced by your papa about two weeks ago, which you initially said over and over, but which you are now starting to use at some appropriate times (drop a toy…un oh). Ha! You’re still doing ba and da for things like ball and balloon and dogs, but you’re exploring new sounds, things like mo (for more), Bubba and shhhhh (with hand and tiny finger held up to your lips). You do up, up, up when climbing the stairs at the playground (said on each step as you work your way up), and dow, dow, dow when climbing down, though you still have yet to say ‘up’ when you actually want to be picked up. You’re also mimicking us more, and just yesterday we said ‘wow’ which was reciprocated by a hearty ‘WOW’ by you. It’s so fun! It’s also neat to hear your voice, and to hear words come out of your mouth. So happy for you that you’re progressing so nicely recently.