Gardening with Nana

Today your nana came over and helped with some yard work. She planted a few pots for us, and you supervised. It was a nice day and you were content just watching her or looking up at the trees. You seemed to have lots of fun, even if you were downwind of her activities and got some dirt all over your face.

Watching nana garden

Little helper

Happy Birthday Uncle Brett

Today is your Uncle Brett’s birthday. I was talking with your nana today and she started reminiscing about this day 45 years ago and how she was sitting in the hospital with her little boy. She said she was so happy and just couldn’t believe how perfect he was. Now after having you, I understand exactly what she felt. However, my experience was so different than hers, because your papa was in Vietnam when your uncle was born, and your mom had to go through pregnancy and labor all alone. I can’t even imagine how she did it without her husband by her side. I bet it made Brett’s arrival that much more special.

Today we had a soccer BBQ at our house (following the first win that you’ve ever witnessed by our team; it’s been a rough season). Everyone on the team enjoyed holding you and you had fun with all the company. You had on your little ‘Other United’ onesie and matched your dad and I.

Other United shirts

One Lucky Mama

You and your dad gave me two presents today. One present he said was from you for my birthday – an early present. It was a Kindle Fire and I’m so excited to use it at night when I’m feeding you to read books, browse online, play games, etc. The second present was from your dad and it was a late push present. A push present is a present given by a new father to the mother after the birth of a child. I’d wanted to get a ring to commemorate your birth, something that I could wear often that would always remind me of you. I’d been looking for the perfect ring, and I found one a couple of weeks ago and showed it to your dad. He surprised me with it today! It is so pretty and has a light pink stone in it which reminds me of my little baby girl. Someday I’ll give this ring to you, maybe after the birth of your first little girl.

Trying to Find a Nanny

Your dad and I are needing to really focus on finding a great daycare situation for you. I go back to work full-time in about a month. We’re hoping to find a nanny or a nanny share for you for a couple days a week, and your nana will also watch you a couple days a week. Yesterday we met with a lady and her 6 month daughter and their nanny. They’re wanting to find another baby to join them in a nanny share. We liked them and it is a possibility for now. They live in north Boulder and are quite a drive away, so that is the main disadvantage. It would be neat, though, for you to have someone a few months older than you to learn from and play with.

Tonight we went out with Kristen and Greg and their baby girl, Isla. We met her mom in prenatal swim class, and Isla was born two days before you. In fact, they were getting checked out of the hospital when we were getting wheeled from the surgery room to recovery and we passed right by them. They are wanting to do a nanny share also, so we met to talk with them about it. They would be a great match because we really like them and because Isla is so close in age with you. They want to do the nanny share Tues-Thur and we’d been thinking we’d prefer to have your nana watch you Tues-Wed, so we need to figure that out.

Dinner with Isla and her parents

We’re also interviewing a nanny on Monday. She sounded great on the phone and has lots of experience, but she doesn’t have a car. It’s like every situation so far is almost perfect but not quite. We’ll keep looking until we find something that is just right for all of us. It’s nice that your dad works so close to home and will come home every day at lunchtime to check on you, and I will still work from home a couple of days a week. So really, we won’t be away from you very much.

We Survived Your First Warehouse Sale

Today was the first day of the Title IV warehouse sale. Title IV is a women’s sports and outdoor clothing store, and the warehouse sale is supposed to have amazing deals. The sale started today at 9 am. I had thought if we got there right when it opened we’d maybe avoid the crowds. Instead, arriving at opening time put us there with literally hundreds of other bargain-hunting, competitive women. It was literally chaos. About 30 seconds after walking in I realized I’d made new mom mistake number one; trying to navigate through a really crowded space with your huge stroller. The only benefit of the stroller was that I could pile all my findings in the stroller around you. This seemed like a great strategy, until I looked down and you were happily gnawing away at a hat I’d put in there.

We worked our way slowly to the back of the store and I started pondering what the line would be like to try on clothes. It was about this time that I looked and realized that the line to pay went all the way through the store, from front to back, and out the back door! It would have taken probably an hour to get through that line. I knew neither you nor I had the patience for that, so I quickly offloaded all of my findings (including one slightly damp hat) and we cut our losses and strolled out of there. So, I’m happy to say that we survived your first warehouse sale, although I’m not sure if I’d call it a success or not. I think your father probably would consider it a success since we didn’t buy anything (which, incidentally, is why I’m likely to call it a failure). Hopefully our next shopping adventures are less chaotic and more fruitful; I trust as time goes on we’ll perfect this hobby.

Dress Up with Nana

Your nana has been staying with us yesterday and today watching you so that I can get some work done. Today I was on a conference call in my office and nana came in carrying you. She had you all dressed up in a cute dress and bow, and you and her even matched. You guys were so cute! I could tell she was having so much fun playing with you, and I am thankful every day that she is here. You two are going to have so much fun together!

All dressed up cute with nana

A Presidential Flyover

Well, today you had your first brush with the President (sort of). President Obama was in town today to speak at CU, and as such, was just a couple of miles away (and flew over our house while nana was watching you). His helicopter flew right over your dad and I as we were playing soccer, and he landed at the airport right next to the fields. It was pretty neat!

Marine One over the soccer field

Outdoor Time

The weather’s been warming up, so we spent some time outside this afternoon. I brought out your blocks and we played with those a little, even balancing them on your belly. Then for awhile you were content just gazing up at the trees and the sky while I did a little yard work. When your coos stopped I looked over at you and you’d fallen asleep. It’s great that you seemed really comfortable outside and I’m excited to spend more and more time with you outside as the temperatures rise.

Balancing act

Talking while playing

Tired from all this playing

Sweet Pea

You are our little sweet pea! You’re such a sweetheart and you’re so tiny, and I’ve been calling you sweet pea since day one. Today I dressed you in an outfit from your great aunt Donna, and you were so cute. And I must say, you looked a bit like a little pea.

A talking sweet pea

Sweet pea stare down

We have some friends who had a little girl about a month after you were born, and they call her soybean. We can’t wait for our sweet pea to meet their soybean!

A Big, BIG Baby

Tonight your dad and I went to the Rapids game while your nana watched you. At the game I saw a lady with a baby in the restroom, and the baby was so cute all decked out in Rapids gear. I started talking to the lady about her baby, and asked how old the baby was. She looked much bigger than you, and I would’ve guessed 6 months or so. She told me her baby was 7 weeks! I couldn’t believe it. She looked HUGE compared to you. She weighs about 12 pounds. I told her how I had a little girl at home and told her that you were a little over 10 pounds and 11 weeks. So funny how babies are such a wide range of sizes.