Your hair is getting quite long. In the back you have a little bit of curl, but your hair is mostly straight everywhere. You still will not put up with a hairclip, and usually pull it our right after I put it in. You’ve lately started liking headbands, and right after I put it on, you grab my hand and glide me to the bathroom, where you gesture for me to pick you up so you can see yourself in the mirror. Upon seeing yourself, you smile big and turn to the left and right while admiring your cuteness. I’m thinking I’ll buy a little mirror to put on the ground for you so you can glance at yourself whenever you’d like.

In the front, your hair has gotten so long that it often falls into your face and over your eyes. It actually doesn’t seem to bother you, but it bugs me; I would just think that it’d be really annoying. So I’m constantly trying to clip it up, or pull it up into a ponytail. The teeny tiny rubber bands stay in pretty well, as you have a hard time pulling them out. For a couple of months now I’ve been able to pull your hair back into one ponytail on the side of your head. But by the time I get that one in, you are usually sick of having your hair done, and I’m not able to try for pigtails. But today I finally got two pigtails in – the first time ever – and it is adorable. We went to a BBQ for your dad’s work, and everyone commented on your hair. Too cute!

First little pigtails

First little pigtails

How will it go?

Tomorrow is your first day of ‘school’, daycare really. You’re going to be going three full days a week. This decision has been a hard one, and one that we’ve actually been thinking about for over a year, when we placed you on the waitlist. With Rachel going back to school and a spot opening up at the daycare, the timing seemed perfect. The schedule that was available was exactly what we were looking for, and that, too, seemed like a sign. I’m trying to view all of these happenings as serendipitous.

We’ve gone with you to visit the daycare three times, staying with you and while you played for about an hour. Each time you’ve done great. You’ve fit right in, showed no hesitation with the other kids or the teachers, or the new surroundings. On all occasions you just took off exploring, or joined in whatever activity they were doing. I also hope this is a sign of good things to come.

But it is a big transition. It’s your first time in a group daycare setting, your first time sleeping on a cot in a room full of other little ones, your first time sitting at a table and eating. That’s a lot of firsts. I’m trying not to process this too much; perhaps it is more of a stress on me than it is for you.

Here’s what I hope you’ll gain out of this experience: I hope that you continue to grow your independence, enjoying time away from us to explore and become your own little person. I hope you are challenged but not broken by these changes; that you learn to be social, polite, and friendly. I hope that you thrive in this new setting, surrounded by new toys and activities and people. I hope you learn to sit down and eat!

Food on the Go

We are still having a hard time getting you to sit and eat. We try the highchair, but sometimes we can’t even get you in it. You kick and scream and arch your back, and we literally cannot put you in the chair. We’ve tried sitting at your little table inside, which requires your dad and I to sit on the floor and you to sit on your little chair. A couple nights ago we tried this. There are two little chairs, and you kept getting up and moving from one chair to the other (with some diversions in between). So the next night I had the second chair, and you seemed unhappy with the chair that was at the table. So I brought two other chairs for you to try. One was your outside lawn chair, and you kept slouching down in it and having a great time kicking the table and putting your feet up on the table. But you were not eating. The next night we tried to sit at your outside table, which is a miniature picnic table. But inevitably, after just a couple minutes, you end up walking off and playing.

Frankly, our greatest successes come when you’re in the bathtub; you can’t move and we’re able to get a lot of food in you. But that is silly. This is becoming frustrating because we can hardly eat out together; one of us has to take you and walk around while the other quickly eats. You also are eating barely any food. Hopefully we’ll find some type of food that you’re so excited about you will sit down to eat it; I keep searching and searching for a food item you’ll love. So far you’ve really liked cheese and lately it is grapefruits, or oranges. But there are times when we can’t even bribe you into the highchair with those.

A Year and a Half!

You had your 18-month old checkup today and, as usual, we were excited to see how much you weigh. You weigh 19 pounds 6 ounces, and you’ve moved into the 11th percentile! We were so excited to hear this. Everything was fine, and we found out we don’t go back for six months (until you’re two)! This is the longest we’ve ever gone between appointments and it is amazing to think that when you were first born we went to the doctor weekly. You sure are growing up!