Yummy Toes

Today while your nana and I were changing you you grabbed a hold of your foot, stuck it in your mouth, and started sucking on your big toe. I’d seen you do this a few times before, but you haven’t ever sucked on it so intently before. We had so much fun watching you, and you watched us back, all the while sucking your toe.

When Friends Become Parents

We had a nice breakfast with Dan, Becca, and Aaron, then you and I headed home so I could get some work done. This afternoon your dad barbequed and we all relaxed outside. You were content just laying on your belly, pushing your chest and head up with your arms, and looking around. Usually when we’re outside you roll around and want some toys to play with, but today you just held yourself up and looked around, happily observing the world.
Happy Being Outside
After dinner, just a few minutes before they departed, Becca and I were chatting and enjoying a few last minutes together. She had given some gentle direction to Aaron, and I couldn’t help but tell her that I think she and Dan are doing a great job as parents. Being a parent is hard, with almost no validation or appreciation, and I just wanted them to know I think they’re doing great. It is so neat watching a friend who I knew in such a different point of my life – college – become a parent, and an amazing one at that.

Thinking About Crawling

Last night I found you asleep in your crib with your legs tucked into and under your body and your bottom up in the air. You looked so cute, I had to take a picture. I’d never seen you sleep like this before. I watched you for a bit, and you soon stretched out your legs and were sleeping flat on your belly. A few minutes later, though you were still asleep, you curled your legs back in. With all this movement you didn’t seem to be sleeping soundly at all, and in fact you woke up multiple times throughout the night. A couple times I’d pick you up and just hold you, and you’d immediately fall back asleep and stay asleep when I placed you in your crib. One time you were fussy and I fed you, and twice we brought you to bed to cuddle, and eventually, to sleep.
This doesn't look very cozy
I can’t help but remember reading and learning how your mind and body becomes obsessed with trying to master something new, repeating it over and over until you’ve perfected it, and even then, still repeating it. We witnessed this when you learned to roll back to front, as you would almost automatically roll over to your belly when placed on your back, even though it was clearly frustrating you to be on your belly and apparently causing such distress that you forgot how to roll over to your back. I’m wondering now if your mind and body are working intently to discover how to crawl.


Our friends Dan, Becca and their son, Aaron, arrived early this morning. Aaron is 2.5 years old, and you are just fascinated by him. You stare as he plays, or cries, or talks. He is not nearly as intrigued by you. I imagine you are interested by all that he can do, and he is slightly bored by how basic your movements are. But someday, you two will be able to run around and play together. They live in Seattle and we’ll see them fairly regularly. They love the MLS and cheer for the Sounders, and so we dropped you off at nana and papa’s house tonight and went to a Rapids/Sounders game. Unfortunately, the Rapids lost. But we had lots of fun attending the game with our friends.
Showing Becca, Dan and Aaron Pearl Street


Ready for the Olympics

The Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics were on TV tonight, and I was so excited. I made you an Olympic-themed onesie and you wore it and your USA tutu in honor of the occasion. I love the Olympics; the athletes are amazing and inspiring. This year I had so much fun wondering if you’ll enjoy watching them someday, if you’ll be an athlete yourself, and what sports you’ll participate in. While sharing my thoughts with your dad, he declared that you’ll probably be on the US national soccer team, and that you’ll play in the Olympics when you’re 20 and 24 (in 2032 and 2036). I was amused by his presumption, and asked why, if he was dreaming about this scenario, would you not play on the national team when you’re 16. He said that was a bit too aggressive. I’m glad to hear his dreams aren’t too optimistic.

Showing Olympic spirit

Meditating in your Olympic outfit

Aunt Gretchen’s Here

Your Aunt Gretchen came to Boulder today for work and we got to join her for dinner. She was so excited to get to see you and to hold you, and we were happy to get to catch up with her. She is great with you (having had three of her own!) and it’s always fun to watch her interact with you.

Kisses from Aunt Gretchen

We went to the Sun for dinner and drinks, and you enjoyed relaxing there in your stroller, then being held by each of us. You also slyly grabbed a lemon off my beer and enjoyed sucking on that.

Sucking on a Lemon for the First Time