Dinner Friends

Tonight we went out for an early dinner. At the table next to us was another family with two young girls. The girls were fascinated by you, and you by them. Finally the father asked if the girls could come say hello to you. They were very sweet and gentle, and obviously enamored by you. You just sat back and observed, not really smiling but definitely not fearful or upset by their presence. I love watching you take in the world around you; you seem so curious and open-minded.

Pounding Away

You love to bang and pound on things, so a few weeks ago your dad and I set out to find a piano for you at the toy store. We didn’t find a piano that was appropriate for your age, but we did find a neat wooden xylophone set, which inserted into a wooden box. On top of the box were three balls. The idea is that you could bang the balls with the little hammer that was included, and when the balls fell they’d hit the xylophone then roll down it, and out the box, all the while making sounds. This toy was for ages one year and older, but we figured we could play it with you, you could roll the balls around and hit things with the hammer, and eventually you’d get the hang of it as you got older. Well one night recently we got home from work and your nana casually mentioned that you knew how to play with the toy. We were so surprised as we hadn’t witnessed this yet. She sat you in front of it, gave you the hammer, and you whacked away until eventually you knocked out the first ball, then moved on to the second and then the last ball. Although you didn’t have the dexterity to hit it hard and get the ball free on your first hit, you displayed amazing strength and understanding of how the toy worked, and you were able to get the ball free in just a few attempts. We were really impressed!

Scrunchy-Face, Almost-Crawling Bam Bam

One of the latest developments in the last week or so is that you’re making a scrunchy face when you’re really happy. It’s like just smiling or squealing doesn’t do justice to the joy that you feel, and you wrinkle up your face in an expression of your excitement. It is so cute.

So happy!

Another scrunchy face

Another development is that you’re almost crawling. You are so close! The problem (if I can even call it that) is that you are a very proficient wiggler/roller, and you can get anywhere you want to be by wiggling and rolling around. So, you haven’t yet had much of a need or desire to crawl. We have been encouraging you to crawl, placing items you desire just a little out of your reach. You stretch your body out and try to reach, and then wiggle and roll your way to the item. But a couple of days ago the object of your desire was Moguly. He was lying about two feet away, and you stretched yourself out towards him but couldn’t quite reach. Then, in what was your closest approximation to crawling yet, you sort of wiggled/army crawled on your belly over to him. Once there you grabbed his leg and tried to pull it towards you. Moguly, with his all of his patience combined with an over-abundance of laziness, didn’t move, but just pulled his leg away and laid it back down out of your reach. You kept wiggling closer, grabbing, pulling, and he kept pulling back. It was pretty entertaining for a bit, until Moguls finally had enough, got up, and left. But I think we found the thing to motivate you to crawl – Moguly!

Tetherball with Nana

Today was my work from home day and also one of the days your nana watches you. She’s been taking you on a walk or two every day, and lately you guys have been walking by the elementary school. If the timing is right, you sit and watch the kids play and she talks with you about how someday you will go to school there. Today the kids were in class, and your nana spotted the tetherball. She said she went over and played with it a bit, telling you afterward how she used to rule the playground at that game. Someday you and her will play together!

Hanging out with nana (and Guinness too!)

Deep in thought

Happy with your ball

Date Night = Late Anniversary Celebration

Tonight your nana offered to spend the night and watch you so your dad and I could go have a dinner out. We tried a new restaurant, enjoyed an evening out, and finally celebrated our anniversary. We even got around to exchanging cards, which we’d each been holding onto for almost a month! I love your dad so much, and I appreciate all he does for us. There’s no way I could manage being a mother, daughter, wife, friend, and professional without all of the support he gives me. I’m so thankful that he’s my husband and your father. We’re pretty lucky.

Back to the Soccer Fields

Today outdoor soccer started for the Fall season. We brought you along, set up the tent, and rotated between your dad and I watching you while the other one played. Everyone on the team was so excited to see you since it’s been a few months. It is neat how much everyone loves you and welcomes you into our little group of friends. Everybody is so supportive and caring, and it’s nice to feel like you’re as much a part of the team as we are.

Bike Race

Today the US Pro Cycling Challenge came into town. The riders raced from Golden to Boulder, then around the Boulder area and climbed to the finish on Flagstaff Mountain. Nana and papa came over and we all walked down to Broadway to watch the bikers race by; our neighbor Lulu and the dogs also joined us on the outing. As usual, you loved being outside and you seemed enthralled by all the activity in the neighborhood as people poured down from the neighborhood to Broadway to watch the racers. When the riders went by I held you and we watched them go, but they literally flew by so fast I’m not sure you were able to see them. I hope the race will come through Boulder every year and that we can keep watching it as a family in our hometown.

Enjoying the US Pro Cycling Challenge with your parents, grandparents, and our neighbor, Lulu