Where do you learn these things?

It is pretty amazing to hear all the new words and phrases that come out of your little mouth. At least once I day I hear something new that I’ve never heard you say. A couple days ago you said ‘I do it’, as opposed to ‘Emma do it’, which is what you usually say. You’ve also recently started saying ‘Go away’, as in ‘Mama go away. Go away mama!’. It’s a little sad! I think you’re picking up a lot of these things at school. You’ve been doing great at school, and the teachers are so happy with your behavior. You haven’t been hitting or biting in a few weeks. I’m hopeful that you’re past that phase. Perhaps they taught you to say ‘Go away’ when someone was bothering you or in your space? I don’t know.


Here we Grow!

We’ve been holding a secret close for a couple months, though you have been in on it: we’ll be welcoming your brother or sister to our family this summer! We’re so excited, but also a bit overwhelmed at the thought of preparing for and actually having two little ones. You like to talk to my belly and often say “baby” and point to and kiss my belly. You like to say “shhh, baby is sleeping” and “night night baby”. At least once a day you point at my belly button and say “baby out”. We explain that the baby has to stay “in” for a while longer, has to get lots bigger, and that my belly will get lots bigger too. You clearly do not understand.

Important to-do list

Important to-do list