Well I am behind. This is not really a shocker, but disappointing to me nonetheless as I’d really wanted to keep up the post-a-day for you as well.

But, here you are…four months! You’ve had some milestones lately. Last weekend in Breckenridge you found your thumb, after months of nibbling on your fingers frequently. Then last Wednesday you rolled over for the first time, front-to-back. I could sort of see it coming, since you were reaching for a toy you badly wanted, and so I was able to get a video. But you were very controlled and happy, smiling once you got fully rolled onto your back. I placed you on your tummy and you did it one more time, but then you didn’t want to do that anymore.

You are so cute and happy. You aren’t sleeping quite as much at night as you had been, but that’s ok; I think you probably just need to eat more often now that you’re growing so much.

You still don’t love baths, and for that reason we almost never bathe you. Last night I decided you really needed a bath, and we talked you through it as we got you ready, and put you in, and you were happy and content the whole time! I was so happy. Usually you cry the entire time, and I can’t stand it. I leave the bathroom and let your dad bathe you and I come back in to help get you out. I just cannot handle listening to you so unhappy.