Thumbs and Toes

You have found your thumb and become quite adept at sucking on it. You usually prefer your left thumb (leading your dad to think you may be left-handed), but you suck on both. You’ve learned to use your thumb to self-soothe when you are upset or trying to fall asleep.

You’ve also discovered your toes and you and them are in a constant battle. You’re always trying to catch them and get them into your mouth, but often they win the battle and break free before you can get them there.

Today we had a fun photo shoot and I captured some images of both of these activities, and lots of other cute shots. The blanket you were playing on was your Uncle Kyle’s when he was little.

Enjoying your left thumb

Working hard to get your toes in your mouth…so close!

Got ’em!


More smiles


Not the Best First Day

Well, we’ve settled on doing a nanny share with you two days a week. You’ll be going to Kristen’s and Greg’s house, and hanging out with their daughter, Isla. There are two nannies actually – a mom and a daughter. The mom (Nancy) will watch you on Wednesdays and the daughter (Rachel) will watch you on Thursdays. Your nana will watch you on Mondays and Tuesdays, and your dad and I will both watch you on Fridays.

So, today we decided we’d drop you off to hang out with Nancy and Isla for a few hours, just so that Nancy could get used to both of you and so that you could slowly get used to going there. Well, after about two hours Nancy called your dad and said you were really upset and had been crying inconsolably for almost an hour. Your dad came and picked you up, then you guys picked me up from where I was getting a massage. You were asleep, and you slept for another 30 minutes while we met up with your nana and papa for dinner. When you awoke you were in a happy mood.

You haven’t been sticking your tongue out for awhile, but it made an appearance tonight at dinner.

I am not sure why you were so upset at Kristen and Greg’s house. To date you have been a really adaptable, outgoing baby and I assumed you’d be fine with this new set-up. But your papa mentioned that it was a strange house and a strange person watching you, and of course that could be overwhelming. In fact that was your first time being left with someone other than your dad or me or your grandparents. Plus there was a strange baby there and you were offered a bottle, which you don’t often use. So given all that, I can understand how it’d be frightening for you.

I’ve been struggling with how to make this transition smoother for you. I hate knowing that you were there and so stressed out, and obviously if you continue being upset like that then we’ll have to figure something else out. But I’m hopeful that you’ll become comfortable there and even come to enjoy going there. I think it will be nice for you to have some socialization with another baby, the one-on-one time with a nanny, and for you to be able to avoid the germs of daycare. But we’re going to take this day by day and make sure that it works for you. Next week your dad and I will go and stay there with you for a few hours and see how you’re doing. Hopefully we can get you comfortable and happy there.

Soaking up the Snuggles

This is my last week at home with you before I return to work full-time next week. Although I’ve known my return to work was forthcoming, this week it’s really hit me that I’m not going to get to be the one during the week to pick you up after you wake-up from mid-day naps, or snuggle with you on the couch in the morning, or go for walks around the neighborhood each afternoon. I am really going to miss all our time together. I’m feeling disappointed that my return to work is occurring right now; you’re becoming so much more wakeful and engaged, happy and playful, observant and interactive. You’re becoming so fun!

I am grateful that I’ve been able to be home with you for your first four months of life, that we’ve gotten to have so much fun together and that I was able to be such a big part of your world for these early weeks. It really has been amazing to watch how much you change from day to day and to observe your never-ending discoveries of the world around you. I wish I could somehow work full-time and continue to be with you all day, every day. I do miss my work and am thankful that I have a job I enjoy that I am returning to, but I sure will miss our time together.

This week I’m trying to enjoy every moment with you and to snuggle just a little bit longer with you.

My Snuggle Buddy

A Busy Memorial Day

Today your nana, dad, Ann and myself ran in the Bolder Boulder. Your papa watched you then brought you to the stadium for the Memorial Day ceremony. Your dad and I have done the race every year for many years, and last year I even did it with you in my belly! But this year was tough for me since I’m not back to my usual shape after having you. But your dad ran with me and kept encouraging me, and I ran the whole time and was able to finish in under an hour, which was my goal.

Enjoying the Memorial Day ceremonies during your first visit to Folsom Field

After the race

At the Bolder Boulder Expo we got a Chick-fil-a stuffed animal for your Aunt Gretchen, because she loves that restaurant. Well you really seemed to like the toy and your papa and I took about 15 pictures trying to get one where you could read the little sign. Your papa thinks you could do advertising for Chick-fil-a with this picture!

Chick-fil-a model

This afternoon Ann’s brother and his family came over and we had a nice BBQ. During their visit I snapped these pictures of you and Ann; you really did seem to have so much fun with her!

Faces with Aunt Soapy

Loving your new friend

Meeting Lots of Relatives

Today you met two sets of great aunts and uncles (Sondra and Bernie and Joada and Billy). You also met your second cousin, Brandon. Everyone was so excited to finally get to meet you, and Aunt Joada even managed to pry you from your papa’s hands for a bit. She told us a story about how she’d recently been visiting with my cousin Ian and his wife, Sarah, and their new baby, Francesca. Francesca was fussy and Joada discovered that when she walked up and down stairs holding Francesca she’d calm down. So she did lots of trips up and down stairs and got quite a workout. It left me feeling thankful that we don’t have any stairs!

Aunt Joada working her magic

Just Hanging Out

Today we had a fun day with Ann Marie, going out to breakfast, getting mani/pedis (she and I – you hung out with your dad), and hanging out at Southern Sun. You had lots of fun with her, and she seems to have a knack for making you smile and keeping you happy! Then you fell asleep in your dad’s arms. So cute.

Kisses from Ann

Asleep in dad’s arms at Southern Sun

One Year Ago = One Life-changing Day

It was one year ago today that we found out we were pregnant with you! It was such a special day, and I had so much fun sharing the news with your dad. From that day forward we were living in anxious anticipation of the day we would get to meet you and pondering how our life was going to change. It’s been such a great year, and if all of my future years are even half as amazing as this past one, I’ll be blessed with a wonderful, happy life.

We’re pregnant!

Today we had lunch with our friend Katy, and then Ann Marie arrived this evening! I’ve been so excited for her to visit, knowing that you and she would be instant friends. I’ve known Ann since virtually the day I was born. Our parents remember passing me back and forth over the fence when I needed a diaper change during playtime with each other. Ann is such a sweet, fun, smart, creative, goofy, amazing friend and I am so grateful to have her in my life, and now in yours! When she first saw you tonight you were asleep, but when you woke up you looked right at her and gave her a big smile, like she’s a trusted, close friend you’ve known forever.

Ann getting her first glimpse of you!

Lunch with Katy