Two Workbenches, No Kitchen

I bought you a little toy workbench today. It was used and cheap and I thought it’d be something you’d enjoy fiddling with. When I mentioned it to your nana she said that they have one for you too, it used to be your cousin Kyle’s. It’s a little different than the one I bought for you, and we’ll keep it at their house for you to play with when you’re visiting them. I told your dad that I think it’s great that you have two (toy) workbenches and no (toy) kitchen!

Too Quick

You are so quick with grabbing items. Last week at Gym Jam you grabbed a veggie stick out of a little boy’s snack container before either your dad, myself, the boy or the boy’s mom could react. And still, even though you’d think by now we’d anticipate it, you can swipe our glasses off of our face before we can react and stop it. You are so quick!

Brushing Your Hair

You’re starting to mimic things, and today started using your brush to comb your doll’s hair. You love your brush, and often navigate around the house with it in your hand. Sometimes when I can’t find it you’ve stashed it in the little seat of your Winnie-the-Pooh car. You know that it’s for brushing your hair, and often put it up to your head, but haven’t yet actually had the brush facing the right way and accomplished any brushing. Today was the first time that you used the brush to comb your doll’s hair. Too cute.

Why does she keep pulling up her dress?

Nancy the nanny asked me this evening, “What is the deal with Emma pulling up shirts and dresses?”. With a confused look on my face, she continued, saying, “she keeps lifting up her dress, and also lifting up my shirts”. It was then that I realized that you’re looking for belly buttons! These are some of your recent new words, and you apparently were on a belly button hunt today! So funny.

Emma, how old are you?

Your ability to grasp new concepts is amazing me daily. Your nana’s been working to teach you to hold up one finger when asked how old you are. While we were on our trip you perfected this. Today we were at the Sun and someone asked you how old you were, and you told them (with your finger). She was so impressed and proclaimed that you’re quite advanced for your age. We think so too! She said she has 2.5 year old twins and they don’t yet know how to show how old they are.

Other tricks you’ve recently perfected are giving hugs and kisses (tongue out, so maybe not quite perfected) and high-fives on command, as well as knowing the words for fish, feet, and ball in addition to hair, nose, eye, ear and mouth (which you’ve known for a little while).

Show Off

Well, unfortunately you brought home one unwanted souvenir: ringworm. We noticed two little circles on your arm last night, and took you to the doctor this morning where our (Google-driven) prognosis was confirmed. Luckily it’s not that big of a deal. The doctor gave us some lotion and that ought to take care of it.

This afternoon your nana and papa came over; they were anxious to see you. Since our flight was so delayed on Thursday you were sound asleep when they picked us up from the airport, so they didn’t get to interact with you, and most disappointing to them, they didn’t get to witness your walking. Well you were so happy to see them, and you knew that you were the center of attention. You practically put on a little show. You did great walking for them, and you were so silly and giggly and fun. Then we all went to eat at The Sink. Your nana and papa ate there when they were in high school and college, and it was so fun to take you there for the first time. You got pretty antsy, so we walked around a lot. You loved the jukebox.

First time at the Sink.

First time at the Sink.

Seeking Foods that You’ll Eat

I’m always on the hunt for foods that you’ll like, and today while we were at the grocery store I figured we’d peruse the isles and see what new foods we could find for you to try. I think I did pretty good, coming home with: strawberry/banana smoothie, chocolate almond butter, fruit leather, seaweed, and squeeze-pack yogurt. I was so excited when you really liked the seaweed, thinking I’d finally found something healthy that you liked. While you were eating it this evening I asked your dad to look at the calories and he informed me that the seaweed that you’d been scarfing down had a measly three calories a sheet! You’d packed away three sheets, but that was only nine calories; you probably burned that much just wiggling and kicking your legs while sitting in your highchair eating the seaweed. Ugh.