Meeting the Coworkers

All of your dad’s colleagues have been wanting to meet you. You and I had planned to meet your dad downtown for drinks and dinner, and you were in a great mood so we decided to duck into his work to introduce you. You enjoyed being the center of attention, and just gazed at everyone as they started back at you. I’d imagine it’d be a bit uncomfortable or overwhelming to have a bunch of new people gawking at you, but you didn’t seem to mind in the least. After we went out for some drinks and grabbed dinner to go, and you were the perfect date to our date!

Juggling Act

Well, the inevitable juggling act of trying to balance work and time with you has begun. I have started working about 16 hours a week, and I had thought that I could simply do my work while you’re sleeping or in the evenings when your dad is home. What I neglected to consider was the seemingly endless quantity of conference calls that I have every week, and the fact that the calls necessitate my complete focus (and a quiet location). I’ve been trying to schedule my calls at lunchtime so your dad can come home and watch you while I have my meeting. So far it’s been working alright, although I’m realizing that the quantity of calls seems to be increasing every week, and lunchtimes are rapidly becoming filled up. Today your dad came home for my call at 2 o’clock and worked from home for the afternoon. You even helped him!

Daddy's helper

Tulip Time

Today your nana, me and you went for a nice walk on Pearl Street to look at the tulips and get some shopping in. You slept most of the time but did wake up to hang out with us during lunch and to look at the tulips.

Looking at the pretty tulips

Nana’s Back!

Your papa and nana have been back in Nevada packing up their house to move here. Your papa’s going to drive out in a couple more weeks, but your nana flew here today. We made her a ‘Welcome Home’ sign and met her at the airport.

Meeting nana at the airport

We’re so happy to have her here! She was so excited to see you and spend some time with you, and she even watched you tonight so we could play in our soccer game.


Whenever something startles or really interests you, you open your eyes wide and stare at the object with intense focus. It’s like you’re really trying to comprehend and take it all in. It’s so cute!

Wide-eyed with curiosity

Tick Tock

We keep putting you down to bed in the twelve o’clock position, meaning you’re aligned straight up and down in your bed. But when you wake up, you’re at two o’clock! You always rotate clockwise, and I’m not quite sure how you do it. But almost always, you’ve rotated around towards two.

Tricky little girl

Lifelong Friends

Today your father and you had a daddy and daughter day while I went to Denver to celebrate my good friend, Lia, and her upcoming wedding. I have known Lia since I was a little girl, and I am fortunate to have a couple of friendships like this one that have lasted for many decades. It is one of my wishes for you that you have at least one lifelong friendship. Although you’ll have many friends throughout your lifetime, and of course some will begin (and even end) at different stages of your life, these relationships that stand the test of time are so special. There’s just something unique and amazing about sharing memories and experiences with someone from an early age, through childhood and into adulthood. It’s neat to think that you could soon be meeting someone who will be your lifelong friend!

A Little Get-Together

This evening we had some good friends over for dinner – Liz and John and their two girls and Katie and Erik. It was the first get-together we’ve had with you and we had lots of fun. Mia and Maci were so excited to meet you and were very curious about you. Mia kept asking what you were saying when you were crying, and Maci kept wanting to touch you. Right now Katie is about 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl. We’re going to have so many adventures with you four little girls; I can’t imagine all the chaos and fun that will ensue.

Your First Boyfriend

Today you met your first boyfriend. Well, your first friend who is a boy. It seems that almost all of the babies in our life are girls. But today our friends, Jobie and Steve, stopped by with their little boy Max. He’s about 10 months old and enjoyed playing with your toys and crawling around demonstrating how much work we still have to do to childproof the house. You seemed really fascinated by him. You were very content just watching and staring at him. He was the first baby that you really looked at and seemed interested by. Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come (an interest in boys over girls).

This afternoon we met up with Marion, Jane and Kristen for coffee and a walk on Pearl Street with their three little girls. The tulips are in bloom and were so beautiful; I am so sorry I didn’t get a picture of you with the tulips on your first walk on Pearl Street. You were quite fussy today and didn’t enjoy the girl time. We’ll keep hanging out with them so hopefully your preferences for boys over girls subsides.

Sick, and Work, and Blah

I have not been feeling great these past couple of days. I think I am just having really bad allergies, but I felt awful yesterday and am feeling a little better today but still not feeling good. On top of not feeling well and trying to take care of you, I have some work I have to get done. I started working a couple of days a week starting last week, and I’m trying to just spread the 16 hours of work time throughout the week (when you’re sleeping or when Jeff is home). Although I don’t actually mind reengaging in work, I am finding it really hard to do work when I’m so tired, and this week, when I’m feeling so badly. I have three presentations I need to pull together this week so I can turn them in by the deadline next week, and I’m hopeful they turn out alright between the lack of sleep and sickness-induced haze I seem to be in this week. Otherwise they might be entertaining presentations for all the wrong reasons!