Hanging out with Freja

We went over to hang out with Eric and Freja today. You’ve met her before but last time you didn’t pay her much attention. Today you two stared at each other, and she kept grabbing your hand and trying to put it in her mouth (just like you were doing with Isla last week!). We had a nice chat with them then went for a walk around his neighborhood. It’s lots of fun having so many friends with little girls about the same age as you around the neighborhood.

Friends with Freja

BBQ Baby

Today our cul-de-sac had a BBQ and we enjoyed hanging out with our neighbors and catching up. It was your first BBQ. You had lots of fun getting held by everyone and meeting some new people.

Enjoying the BBQ with Dad


You are obsessed with your feet (or maybe your toes?). When we were in Hawaii you really started grabbing onto your feet and trying to pull them into your mouth. You get them pretty close, then, those silly feet that they are, they break free of your grasp. This seems to drive you crazy, and you are on a never-ending quest to get a hold of those crazy feet. You grab onto them and then roll on your side, still trying to wrangle them in. Now, you often end up on your side at night, falling asleep in the middle of your battle with your feet.

Got ’em!

Sitting Up

We were given a Bumbo chair – a hard, plastic chair that supports your back and legs so you can sit up easier. I tried it with you a few weeks ago and you weren’t quite ready for it, slumping down and wobbling all over the place. But this past week your dad pulled it out and stuck you in it, and you’re able to sit up and play. You seem to enjoy it!

Focusing on the Blocks in your Bumbo Chair


Tonight we met with the nannies that have so far been our favorite. You and your dad had already met them, but I hadn’t yet. It’s a mother/daughter pair and I really like them. It’s so hard finding someone to entrust with your care, but I really feel great with them.

We’re going to do a nanny share with some friends who had another baby girl (Isla) two days before you were born. You and Isla have been together a lot but never really paid much attention to each other. Tonight you two finally seemed to notice each other for the first time. You were really into Isla, wanting to grab her hands and touch her. Isla was more content just leaning back in her mom’s arms and watching you. It was so fun watching you two interact, and I can’t wait to see you two get bigger together.

Nap Time

I was so sleepy today because I got almost no sleep the last two nights due to my trip, so I was REALLY hoping you’d nap today. And luckily, you did nap a bit. You’re such a sweetie and it’s almost like you know when I need a break and you give me one. Love you!

One (Really) Long Day

I had to go on a work trip today to San Francisco. I thought I’d minimize the impact on you of my absence by only being gone for one (long) day, rather than staying overnight and having an easier travel schedule. So I had to leave for the airport at 4 am, and I didn’t get home until after midnight. Your nana came over to watch you during the day.

About halfway through the day your dad contacted me to tell me you were on a hunger strike! You ate before I left, around 230 am, but you wouldn’t take a bottle all morning. It was hard being on the other side of the country and not able to help you. And it was strange you wouldn’t take the bottle because you’ve taken them ever since you were born. But around 2 pm I got a text from your dad that said ‘hunger strike over!’ and you had decided to eat out of the bottle (thank goodness!). You ate fine the rest of the night and then you were so happy to see me when you needed your middle-of-the-night feeding after I’d gotten home.

I have lots more work trips in my future and I know they’re hard on everyone. I hope we can get a good schedule and process worked out to minimize the impact on your life when I’m gone.

Such a Happy Baby

Today you were in a great mood. Some days you wake up crying and seem to be fussy for most of the day. But today you woke up by ‘talking’ in your crib and you were content and happy all morning, not crying once. We had a nice morning just hanging out, and then you and sock monkey took a nap. You’re starting to suck your thumb, rather than your whole hand or other fingers like you’ve been doing previously. You fell asleep with your thumb in your mouth, snuggled with sock monkey.

Snuggles with Sock Monkey

Happy Day for Mama

Today was Mother’s Day and it was so fun and special to celebrate this first holiday as a mother with you and with my mom. We went to church and then out to a nice brunch. We ate at Flagstaff House, one of our favorite, really nice restaurants here in Boulder. I was telling you this morning that we’ll take you there many times for special occasions, and that someday you might even go there with a date. Your dad didn’t like that idea.

First Mother’s Day

Party Girl

Today you attended your first birthday party – a party in honor of Eleanor’s first birthday. There were lots of older kids and two younger babies, and you seemed entranced by all the action. A music instructor came and sang songs while letting the kids bang on a drum, blow into duck whistles, and shake balls off a parachute. I was worried all the commotion would be too much for you, but you seemed really happy just observing everything. In fact, towards the end of the singing you fell asleep! I told your daddy we need to get that music teacher’s phone number so that we can go to her if we ever can’t get you to fall asleep.

Party Girl

Ready for the Party

Singing Time

Partied Out